1) How do we know you're actually planting trees? 
Good question! We'd probably say the same thing since it is a lot easier for companies to say they are doing something for the outdoors, than actually do it. 
To be held accountable, we have done as much as we can including posting images of our One Tree Planted donation tax receipts on our Instagram page here
We also had Matt Hill - CEO of One Tree Planted (our reforestation partner) on our podcast, where we discussed a wide range of topics including how trees are planted, the science behind tree planting and Matt's entrepreneurial story. 
 2) How do you plant a tree for $1?
It depends…. Some tree saplings cost more than others – an Aspen, an Oak, and a Cottonwood are different prices. Some sites need more maintenance. Some projects use professional tree planting contractors, some projects are community or volunteer based. As a One Tree Planted donor, we want you to understand how we get it done!
Check out this graphic that breaks down what it typically costs to plant a tree: 
3) Why do you re-direct monthly subscription buyers to Amazon?
The reason our monthly subscription re-directs customers to Amazon is because we can offer lower prices by taking advantage of Amazon’s incredible shipping and fulfillment services. Extremely low or FREE (Amazon Prime members) shipping prices allow us to pass these cost savings on to our valued customers
4) Where are the trees planted through your partnership with One Tree Planted ?
-For the year 2018, and again in 2019 we decided to direct our tree donation towards the British Columbia area that was devastated by the 2017 wild fires.
5) What is your corporate strategy/plan for rose bros coffee?
-There is no corporate strategy or plan for rose bros coffee
6) Is your coffee fair trade organic?
-Yes and is directly sourced from our selected regions
7) Where is your coffee roasted?
-Our coffee is roasted in a state of the art facility on the doorstep of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
8) Do you offer ground coffee?
-Yes, just not on Amazon…yet
9) Do you offer decaf?
-Yes we do !